Shona McGarty is 'frightened' of Aunt Babe

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  • 13 July 2016
Shona McGarty

Shona McGarty

EastEnders' Shona McGarty has admitted she is scared of her co-star Annette Badland when she's in scenes with her character Aunt Babe

EastEnders' Shona McGarty is "frightened" of her co-star Annette Badland when she's in character as Aunt Babe.

The 24-year-old actress - who plays Whitney Dean - in the BBC One soap has admitted she is terrified when she's in scenes with the feisty actress but loves seeing the tension between the chef and her bolshie alter-ego on screen.

She said: "It's so much fun to deliver all the shy little comments that she gives to Babe [Annette Badland], who is a sweetheart, is so scary when she's in character.

"I'm a bit frightened of her! But it's good to see Whit stick up for herself, because with a mother like Bianca, you'd end up being a bit shouty, too!"

Meanwhile, Shona's character is set to land a baby bombshell on her boyfriend Lee Carter [Danny-Boy Hatchard] later this week when she realises she's pregnant.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "It's nice to see her so excited and protective. Of course, there's a fear that Lee may not be ready for the baby, but whatever his situation was, Whitney would have this baby regardless."

However, her whole world is set to fall apart when it's revealed the fishmonger had cheated on her with her best friend's younger sister Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald).

Danny-Boy said previously: "I would like to see him have a happy ending but I'd like there to be a journey there first. They like to see a bit of struggle. A bit of this and a bit of that. And then finally reaching the end product.

"That might not necessarily happen. It may well be a sad ending... I have to guess and be prepared for whatever it is they [the show's bosses] throw at me."

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