Chris Evans: Matt LeBlanc is the man to host Top Gear

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  • 11 July 2016
Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans feels there is only one person who can host 'Top Gear' and that is Matt LeBlanc

Chris Evans is backing Matt LeBlanc to take over from him on 'Top Gear'.

The 50-year-old star stepped down from his position on the BBC One motoring show last week and has now said the only person he feels will be able to take the show forward is the former 'Friends' actor because he was "made" for 'Top Gear'.

He said: "For me, [Matt] is the man. He is the captain 'Top Gear' truly needs going forward, the perfect torso for the rest of TG's limbs.

Not only does he eat, sleep, breathe and dream engines, propshafts and trail-braking, but the overwhelming quality that struck me about him is that he's just such a pro... The simple truth is he and 'Top Gear' were made for each other."

Meanwhile, Chris - who also had his show 'TFI Friday' dropped by Channel 4 - admitted he is "entirely sad" that he had to leave the programme and joked that it's better to leave now than leave with a "constipated" look on his face.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I am entirely sad 'Top Gear' didn't work out - I would have loved to have carried on working on it. But letting go with a smile on your face is far better than clinging on till you look constipated. Know what I mean?"

While the BBC confirmed that they will not be replacing Evans on 'Top Gear', it is now thought LeBlanc will front it alone.

A source said at the time: "Matt is going to get the big job on his own. There are already active negotiations and he's almost certain to sign now that he doesn't have to work with Chris. Chris won't be replaced but Matt will become the star presenter surrounded by the existing team."

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