Christine and the Queens 'healed' by alter-ego

Héloïse Letissier feels "healed' since performing under the Christine and the Queens and as a result she's been inspired to "create a new way" for women to be on stage and in the industry

Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens

Héloïse Letissier of Christine and the Queens was "healed" by creating her alter-ego.

The 28-year-old pop star credits her stage persona for allowing her to push boundaries and be more "daring" with her music, and ultimately feel more "happy" being herself.

She explained: "Christine has healed me. She made me happy, and I wanted to share that happiness. So it became a show with dancers, and the music got more pop. Christine became more welcoming. She pushed me to be more daring, to completely let go. And if I make a mistake, I laugh at myself. As I discovered in high school, having a sense of humour can get me out of many troubles."

The 'Saint Claude' hitmaker - who was brought up on stage by Madonna, who spanked her during her Paris 'Rebel Heart World Tour' show last year - admits she'll never be the "perfect" pop star like Beyonce or Adele and has been inspired to "create a new way" to "be a woman" in the music industry.

Christine told The Sunday Times newspaper: "Perfect has never been my thing, so I had to find another way. I always say on stage that I am like a broken flower compared to perfect pop singers like Beyonce, who I love, actually. I am trying to create a new version, a new way to be a woman in this industry and on stage."

Meanwhile, Christine - who released the English version of her debut album 'Chaleur humaine' in February - also believes in "embracing your faults" and being "awkward" over perfection.

She added: "For me, I like the awkwardness of it all. I like awkward people, I like fools, I like scars. Christine is about embracing your faults."

Christine and the Queens' fans include Madonna, Sir Elton John and Marina and the Diamonds.


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