10 Best British TV Horror Series

10 Best British TV Horror Series

The Enfield Haunting

Scares, frights and chills a plenty with The Living and The Dead, Hammer House of Horrors, Penny Dreadful, Being Human, Dead Set and more

From the classic ghost stories of MR James and Charles Dickens to the modern thrills of Kill List, The Descent and The Hallow the Brits have a natural affinity with horror. Drawing on this rich history of chills and fears UK TV has produced some terrifying television through the years. And for anyone currently enjoying the spooky delights of The Living and The Dead on BBC One we collate our ten favourite British horror series.

Being Human
The ultimate in dysfunctional flatmates as a vampire (Aidan Turner), werewolf (Russell Tovey) and ghost (Lenora Crichlow) share a dingy apartment in Bristol. Being Human focused on the high cost of being a monster. Amazingly it managed to survive the departure of the original cast for two more surprisingly decent series.
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Dead of Night
BBC's excellent anthology series from 1972. Sadly only three episodes have survived including the genuinely creepy 'The Exorcism'.
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Dead Set
A postmodern zombie thriller. Charlie Brooker imagined how the undead apocalypse would affect the house mates in Big Brother with this sharp, gory satire starring Jaime Winstone.
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The Enfield Haunting
Timothy Spall takes the lead in this three-part drama retelling one of the world's most famous hauntings, the much reported 'Enfield poltergeist' that terrorised a suburban family in the late 70s. The story also forms the basis for Hollywood horror The Conjuring 2.
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Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
Much overlooked comedy cult classic. A pitch perfect parody of trashy 80s TV conceived by 'dream weaver' Garth Marenghi (Matthew Holness) also starring Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry and Alice Lowe.
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Hammer House of Horror
The legendary film company produced 13 self-contained horror stories for ITV in 1980. 'Growing Pains', 'The House That Bled to Death' and 'The Silent Scream' (starring Peter Cushing) are the highlights amongst this horrifying series.
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The Living and The Dead
At first glance the aforementioned The Living and The Dead appears to be just another run of the mill ghost story but there's a very clever, very modern twist to this creepy thriller from Ashley Pharoah (Life on Mars) plus an excellent turn from leads Colin Morgan and Charlotte Spencer.
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Penny Dreadful
Penny Dreadful imagines a world where all the horrors of Victorian literature (Frankenstein, Dracula, Dorian Gray, Dr Jekyll) coexist. A dark and compelling supernatural drama featuring a stand out performance from Eva Green.
Season 1 & 2 on Sky Boxsets and Now TV.

Quatermass II
The oldest surviving serial in the BBC archives. Classic British creepiness in this dark sci-fi that gripped a nation in the 50s. 2005's homage The Quatermass Experiment is also well worth checking out.
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Remember Me
An excellent ghost story that might have passed you by starring Michael Palin as a man haunted by his past.
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