Paula Lane's exit announcement

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  • 8 July 2016
Paula Lane

Paula Lane

Paula Lane has admitted she struggled to tell her co-star Jack P. Shepherd, who plays her on-screen husband David Platt, she was leaving 'Coronation Street'

Paula Lane found it "so hard" telling her co-star Jack P. Shepherd she was leaving 'Coronation Street' for good.

The 30-year-old actress is set to bow out of the long-running soap in a few weeks when her alter-ego Kylie Platt tragically dies in unknown circumstances and she has admitted she really struggled to bring herself to tell the hunk - who plays her on-screen husband David Platt - she was going for ever.

She explained: "It's heartbreaking because I could see David and Kylie lasting a lifetime. She'll forever be in David's heart because she didn't go by choice. When I told Jack I was going, it was so hard. He's laid back but you could see it landed with him, as it did with me. It's tough when someone you've worked with for six years turns around and says, 'I'm going and I won't ever be coming back.' "

Paula's decision to walk away from the show following six years portraying the feisty nail technician came after she learnt she and her husband Tom Shaw, who already have 20-month-old son Arthur, were expecting their second child.

The brunette beauty discovered she was being killed off a few months ago and, although she was told to keep it a secret, she couldn't help but share it with her family.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, she said: "My family are very close-knit, so I told them about Kylie's death because I needed a bit of TLC. The wardrobe department have been doing their best to hide my bump in scenes, but you can probably see it if you're looking for it."

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