TITP 2016 Guide: Harvey McKay Q&A

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  • 7 July 2016
TITP 2016 Guide: Harvey McKay Q&A

A rising star of techno rising out of the Glasgow underground clubbing scene

One festival essential?
Toilet paper

Worst thing you’ve done at a festival
Not checked there was toilet paper.

Do you have lucky pants?
I regard all my pants as lucky, I get to play music for a living and eat lots of donughts :)

Bravest / most heroic performance you’ve ever seen at a festival?
Well it was more partygoers in Scotland in the torrential rain giving complete and utter yaldy, impressive stuff.

Favourite thing to eat before or after a gig?

Current artist crush?
Justin Beiber.

Any hidden (non-musical) talents?
I can tell any voice I have heard even only once before on tv / movies, even of its only once within the first word or two without seeing their face, even if there’s 20 years in between. Oh, and I can also play tunes on my teeth!

Who do you hope you bump into backstage?
The Krispy Kremes donught man.

What’s your festival recovery cure?
Irn bru, and vodka.

Weirdest thing anyone's ever thrown on stage at one of your gigs?
Space hopper.

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