TITP 2016 Guide: Hannah McKay (The Amorettes) Q&A

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  • 7 July 2016
TITP 2016 Guide: Hannah McKay (Amorettes) Q&A

Amorettes: Gill Montgomery, Hannah McKay, Heather McKay

The Amorettes drummer takes our interview challenge

If you could mash up one David Bowie song with one Prince song, which would you choose?
I'd pick one of Bowie’s songs from Labyrinth … ‘Magic Dance’ mashed with ‘Partyman’, my favourite Prince track. That would be awesome!

Do you have lucky pants?
Yes M&S size 20 full briefs, I always wear those on stage. Drumming is all about the comfort you know.

Weirdest thing that's ever happened at one of your gigs?
We toured the UK with Ash last year, and their drum tech got onstage mid set and proposed to all three of us; apparently as a dare. The look of confusion on the crowds face was pretty funny. I just saw the members of Ash gathering at the side of the stage with a cheeky look on their face. It was a bit like, ‘Ok! What’s going on....?’

Favourite thing to eat before or after a gig?
I always demand 10 roast chickens in the dressing room or the show just won’t go ahead. I suppose it’s not technically eating but we will always have a Jagerbomb before going onstage. Loosens you up. Being on tour, you tend to live on sandwiches and you forget what a vegetable even looks like. Tesco meal deal is where it’s at, man!

Best fan story?
One of our fans travelled across France and Germany on his own to see us on tour. To have someone spend their time and money on you like that is pretty amazing. Most of our tours so far have been support slots and when a good number of people are coming in wearing your T-Shirt, it makes you proud and that you’re really starting to get somewhere. We love all our fans! The Amorettos Rule!!!

Your dream festive lineup?
The Beach boys, Prince, Tina Turner, Queen, James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Stray Cats, T Rex, Joan Jett, Huey Lewis, At The Drive In, Michael Jackson. I could go on all day.

Current artist crush?
All of the members of a band from Bristol called Tax The Heat. All slick back hair and three-piece suits. If you haven’t heard of them check them out!

If you were to headline TitP, what song would you close with?
A cover of the Rab C Nesbitt theme tune. In fact, we might start using that as an intro to walk onto. We have a song called Hot ‘n’ Heavy that we usually like to close with. The crowds tend to love it!

Any hidden (non-musical) talents?
I can do an absolutely first class Chewbacca impression.

Describe yourself using a song title
‘She Bangs The Drums’ by The Stone Roses.

Who do you hope you bump into backstage?
It will be pretty cool to bump into Ash backstage again. They were a lot of fun to tour with. It will be good to reunite for a few whiskies and a beer or 50. They are a bunch of nutters!

What’s your festival recovery tip?
Honestly, the best thing to do when you wake up in your tent with a hangover is have another beer. It just cancels out the hangover. Failing that crawl to the Slam Tent and sweat it out.

How do you take your Tea?
In a mug with pictures of the North Yorkshire coast on it

Weirdest thing anyone's ever thrown on stage at one of your gigs?
Someone chucked an inflatable shark onstage once. Also Freddos have been thrown and someone printed out a picture of a face swap gone wrong and had stuck googly eyes onto it and chucked that up too.

Best festival freebie?
It’s always nice to get a t-shirt with your name in the lineup on the back as memento.

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