Gemma Collins: 'I gained and lost weight for money'

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  • 6 July 2016
Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

Former 'TOWIE' star Gemma Collins has admitted to exploiting her weight battle for cash and publicity

Gemma Collins has admitted to exploiting her weight battle for money and fame.

The yo-yo dieter revealed she purposely put on weight and lost it again in order to secure lucrative magazine deals because she was desperate for the cash and publicity.

Speaking on new Channel 5 show 'In Therapy' featuring counsellor Mandy Saligari, she said: "Agents told me that in the celebrity world, it's love life and weight gain and loss that people are interested in."

"I can remember it all, people telling me you need to go over to the park in gym wear and them saying 'we want to get some terrible shots of you but then you will get £15,000 for the pictures Gemma'.

"Looking back now I would never ever have gone down the route of the weight gain and weight loss but it was just a fast way to a quick bit of money."

However, Gemma, 35, feels taking part in the show has helped her to gain control of her life.

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star - who quit the reality TV programme last year - said: "So many things were out of my control in my life. I took a massive step back, I took control of it.

"And with regards to when you first become famous, I became famous, and then you get people saying this is what you're gonna do and this is how you're gonna do it. We're gonna do this we're gonna do that.

"You end up getting confused losing yourself and doing things for money. And then you stand back - because it all becomes about money. She [Mandy] made me realise, enough is enough Gemma. Stand back and take responsibility for your own life and take control back."

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