James Bay is terrified of losing his hat on stage

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  • 5 July 2016
James Bay

James Bay

James Bay is known for always wearing a wide-brimmed hat and has confessed his biggest fear when he's on stage is losing his trademark fashion accessory

James Bay's worst nightmare is losing his hat on stage.

The 'Hold Back The River' singer is never seen without his wide-brimmed black hat whenever he is playing live or on the red carpet.

Now James has confessed he lives in fear of his trademark accessory falling off his head when he's rocking out, something that almost happened at music festival Wild Life in Brighton, England.

Recalling the moment when he thought the hat was going to take a tumble, he shared: "It was at Wild Life. Really, I just thought, 'I could get rid of this and just play and not worry about it', I could have just had like an 80s hair moment - like a wind machine, but from real wind. Then I thought about it blowing off mid-song, like a comedy moment with it blowing off in the wind, and I thought, 'I'll look really stupid.' "

James, 25, also has another big fear when he's performing - that he'll forget what city he's playing in.

The rocker has made the faux par before and shouted out the wrong location whilst playing in Scotland but luckily his fans went easy on him.

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on the DJ's BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning (05.07.16), he said: "I had a really, really bad cold once, and it really sucks trying to do a gig like that. We were in Glasgow one night and they were wicked, they really helped me through. And then in Edinburgh the next night - and I'm confessing this on radio here - I was feeling 10 times worse and I came out and I went, 'Hello Gla ... Edinburgh.' The whole crowd just kind of cheered apart from about three people in the front row - they totally spotted it."

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