Preview: Memories of a Lullaby

Preview: Memories of a Lullaby

A personal journey back to childhood fears and loves

Featuring as part of the Refugee Festival, Saras Feijoo’s Memories of a Lullaby is a personal, one woman show that revisits the writer/performer’s childhood. ‘I could not hold anymore the pain inside myself created by the tension between the terror I experienced while living in Venezuela,’ she explains, ‘the sound of gunshots I heard, the corruption I witnessed, the eve r-present fear that death was around the corner, alongside the beauty of the land, my family, my friends and the constant sun!’

Feijoo has become a familiar presence within Scotland’s resurgent clowning scene, founding Clownstepping, ‘a hub created dedicated to the understanding of theatre clown as an art’. While British clowning is associated with big-top circus, Memories of a Lullaby revels in the form’s rich storytelling. Her first experience of a clowning show inspired a change in career – she has been a clothes designer, and student of philosophy - recognising its immediate emotional power. ‘I loved the depth, beauty, honesty, transparency and playfulness of the piece.’

Assembling a team that includes director Yael Karavan, musicians Gavin Taylor and Luis Perez Valero and feminist philosopher Marelis Loreto Amoretti, Saras’s ambitions take advantage of clowning’s flexibility and accessibility. Saras wants the audience to experience ‘Hope! To be able to appreciate a reality that many in the world experience daily and yet, continue to move forward.’

The tensions within Lullaby promise a show that considers the contradictions within Venezuelan society and demonstrates the potential of theatre to straddle personal experience and wider philosophical questions.

Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh 15–16 June
CCA, Glasgow, 19 June

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