The Lonesome West

The Lonesome West

credit: John Minihan

Dark comedy for the Summer season

The Tron's July production has, over the past years, been a comedy, in contrast to the political fare of Mayfesto. The Lonesome West continues this tradition, although, since this comedy comes from the writer, Martin McDonagh, who wrote the bloody The Lieutenant of Inishmore (2001) and the film In Bruges, it veers towards a darker mood.

Exploring the fratricidal tensions between Coleman (Keith Fleming, fresh from performing the tyrannical step-father in the Citizens' Restless House) and Valene (David Ganley), it takes the suicide of a local priest to persuade them towards reconciliation. Inevitably, the brothers' confessions lead to more violence and a resolution that might not conform to the departed priest's final wishes.

Andy Arnold's enthusiasm for Irish theatre – as seen in his bracing interpretations of Beckett or the adaptation of Ulysses – and the respected cast reflects the Tron's commitment to engaging, and provocative, theatre, even in a month that is usually quiet as preparations for the Edinburgh Fringe begin. Not for the squeamish, The Lonesome West combines absurdist humour with Tarantino's witty relish for violence.

The Lonewest West play at Tron Theatre Glasgow until 23 Jul.

The Lonesome West

Me, probably straight to heaven I'll go, even though I blew the head off poor dad. So long as I go confessing to it anyways. That's the good thing about being Catholic. You can shoot your dad in the head and it doesn't even matter at all. Bickering brothers, Coleman and Valene share a house in the wild west of Ireland.

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