Amelle Berrabah has OCD

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  • 2 July 2016
Amelle Berrabah

Amelle Berrabah

Amelle Berrabah has admitted she's convinced she suffers with OCD because she will never give up on a challenge she's set herself

Amelle Berrabah suffers with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

The 32-year-old singer believes she battles with the mental health condition because she won't allow herself to give up on something she's set her heart on, even if it takes her a lifetime to complete.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "I'm quite competitive. If I say I'm gonna do something once I'm actually doing it I have to complete it. It could be an OCD thing, I dunno. I'd rather go a slow as I physically can. Just don't stop. Especially for charity and stuff like that, I mean I nearly had a heart attack when I did a sky jump for cancer research in memory of my father, but when I was up there I nearly had a heart attack. It's heart and dedication."

However, although she's keen to take on any challenge, the Sugababes star has admitted she's quite "picky" when it comes to work.

She explained: "I get approached for quite a few shows to be honest, it's just I'm quite picky. I did 'Tumble' because I love fitness it's something I'm very interested in and it's something I'm genuinely interested in and I wanted to learnt to do the Ariel. So I can't just do something half hardheartedly so it was a definite with 'MasterChef' because I love food but if I said yes to everything I'd be on every single show."


1. Janet Singer4 Jul 2016, 6:07pm Report

OCD is such a misunderstood and misrepresented illness and people should not be diagnosing themselves, but rather seek professional advice. Most people do not realize how devastating a disorder OCD can be. My son had OCD so severe he could not even eat, but thankfully exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy, the front line psychological treatment for the disorder, saved his life.Today he is a young man living life to the fullest. I recount my family's story in my critically acclaimed book, Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery (Rowman & Littlefield, January 2015) and discuss all aspects of the disorder on my blog at ocdtalk.There truly is hope for all those who suffer from this insidious disorder.

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