Exposure: Shvllows

Exposure: Shvllows

Edinburgh electro-pop foursome talk Scottish music pals, future plans, and spelling their name with that familiar 'v'

The Edinburgh four-piece are mere youngsters as a group, having formed in early 2015, but their Everything Everything / Foals / 1975-inspired synth pop is worming its way into ears across the land. We nabbed them for a chat about their Scottish music pals, future plans, and spelling their name with that familiar 'v'.

On their sound
It's a combination of hard-hitting sub bass, synth and drums, mixed with delicate guitars and soaring melodies. It's definitely not something you hear everyday, which might explain why the single blew up the way it did upon release.

On joining the camp of bands who replace vowels in their band name with a 'v'
Funnily enough we managed to write an entire album's worth of songs before we could all decide on a name. The 'v' is there purely for the same reason the others bands did it: to be found online in the easiest way possible. Say Nicki Minaj released a song with 'Shallow' in the title, we would be lost on search engines forever. Plus, it looks cool.

On their influences
We love St Lucia, Chromeo and our Scottish brothers Prides and Tongues. There are loads of bands out there that have really helped us so far, such as Noah Noah and Rebel Westerns. The Begbies and Indigo Velvet have both released amazing new singles and we're really excited for Redolent's debut album.

On Edinburgh's music scene
It's absolutely incredible at the moment,. You've got bands, producers, promoters and photographers all chipping in and helping each other up the music ladder. There's something for everyone in the capital and you just have to work hard, promote your shows and not completely over-exposure your product by playing six shows a month within the same city.

On their future plans
We have a bunch of songs ready to lay down in the studio over the next couple of months and a show at King Tut's as part of This Feeling club night, supporting Clay. We're sorting out some tour dates down south and in Ireland – it's looking like an extremely busy one.

Shvllows play King Tut's Wah Wah Hut on Sat Jul 2.


Dreamy retro indie pop.

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