Holly Willoughby would've had kids via sperm donor

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  • 30 June 2016
Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby approves of sperm donation and would have had children through a donor if she hadn't met her husband Dan Baldwin

Holly Willoughby would have had children via a sperm donor if she hadn't met her husband Dan Baldwin.

The 35-year-old presenter - who has children Harry, seven, Belle, five, and 20-month-old son Chester with the TV producer - has admitted she would have definitely looked into other ways to fall pregnant if she hadn't have settled down with her handsome partner nine years ago.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Thursday (30.06.16), she said: "I would have [looked into having a sperm donor]. I always said if I hadn't been lucky enough to meet Dan and I had got to an age where I thought 'right time's ticking' I'd have definitely have gone it on my own 100 per cent ... but of course it's a scary thing."

The blonde beauty loves parenthood so much that she's written her own self-help book 'Truly Happy Baby: It Worked For Me', in which she shares advice based on her own experiences.

She previously explained: "When I had my first, Harry, I couldn't believe there were so many things I wasn't expecting. I kept thinking, 'Why has no one told me about this? Why is this a ­massive secret?' I thought then that one day I'd write a book called 'It Worked For Me' and put down all those things I've stumbled across or realised.

"By the time I had my third child I felt like I had a really good spectrum of different children and different ­experiences and it felt like it was time to write it all down."

Meanwhile, Holly is keen to expand her brood because she is addicted to giving birth.

She said: "You only hear one side of the story and that's not very helpful, and lots of women really enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, there is pain, but it is a pain in a different way.

"I love giving birth weirdly - although actually I shouldn't say that it's weird. I don't want that area of my life to be over because it makes me sad to think I'd not be be doing it again. I love being pregnant and I love having babies."

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