5 Things you might not know about - John Hegley

John Hegley
  1. As part of comedy group The Popticians, he recorded two sessions for John Peel in 1984. Being a spectacle-wearer has been one of Hegley’s long-term points of reference. Do not get him started on contact lenses.
  2. He went off to France to revisit the place in Nice where his dad René sat and painted a picture. For a Radio 4 show, he vowed to go there and create his own version of the image.
  3. After leaving school he worked as a bus conductor and social security clerk, until he went to Bradford University, eking out his grant by working as a nurse in a local mental hospital.
  4. In 2000, Hegley received an honorary Arts Doctorate from Luton University and had his most notable live engagement in a women’s prison in Columbia.
  5. Including that all-crucial thinking time, he takes an average of 90 minutes to write a poem.

John Hegley

We challenge the grumpiest person in the world not to feel all woolly inside after an hour in the company of comedian, musician and poet Hegley. You may have to join in but you'll feel much better for it, we promise.

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