Tom Baker: Politicians are 'w*****s'

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  • 30 June 2016
Tom Baker

Tom Baker

'Doctor Who' actor Tom Baker thinks all politicians are "w*****s", and claimed old-age pensioners shouldn't have been allowed to vote in the Brexit referendum

Tom Baker thinks all politicians are "w*****s".

The 82-year-old actor, who is best-known for his starring role in 'Doctor Who', thinks old-age pensioners should have been banned from voting in the European Union referendum because they will all be dead by the time the effects of Brexit are felt.

Of British politicians, Tom said: "They're mostly w*****s. I don't think they have any ideas. Never have we felt such utter contempt and mistrust of our governing class.

"People say, 'There's an MP at the door?' Well, kick his b******s in! We're living in tumultuous times."

Tom thinks only young people should have been permitted to vote in the election, because it is them who will feel the consequences of the move.

He told Doctor Who Magazine: "I'm amazed, actually, that they allow old people a vote. It should be for the future generations to decide.

"I no longer care. I am old so it's not my problem. I'll be dead. I'm resigned to that."

Tom admitted that at this stage of his life, he feels powerless about the world's problems.

He shared: "I could weep when I'm reading terrible, crushing headlines about the mountain of grief in the world - but what can I do for them?

"I don't have much of a future, in terms of time - so what can I do? I'd like to say I pray for them, but I don't do that any more."

The European Union referendum exposed a marked divide between young and older voters, with people in their 20s shown to be significantly more keen to vote remain.

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