Lucy Fallon: I get called 'nasty cow' on the street

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  • 29 June 2016
Lucy Fallon

Lucy Fallon as Bethany Platt

Lucy Fallon - who plays Bethany Platt on 'Coronation Street' - has revealed she gets called all kinds of "nasty" names by people who really believe she's her character

Lucy Fallon has been called a "nasty cow" on the street by 'Coronation Street' fans.

The 20-year-old actress - who plays Bethany Platt on the ITV1 soap - has revealed her character's current bullying storyline, in which she is being picked on by Lauren, has lead to people calling her horrible names on the street.

Asked if her life has changed since she started appearing in 'Coronation Street', she said: "It's not changed dramatically, but it's weird people recognising me in the street. I still feel the same, but obviously it's amazing being here and working on one of the biggest shows on TV."

And on what people have been calling her, she told New! magazine: "Things like, 'You're a nasty cow' or 'I'll sort those bullies out if I see them'."

Meanwhile, Lucy [Bethany Platt] has revealed that Bethany's bullying nightmare is set to continue into autumn.

She said: "It's a slow burner. It's going to go on for months and months. We're not just using it as a quick storyline and then moving onto something else - we're looking well into the autumn. There's not going to be a quick resolution."

And Lucy [Bethany Platt] also teased that things worsen in forthcoming episodes, when Lauren makes out she wants to put everything behind them and become friends, only to make her life a living hell when she finds out Bethany's mother Sarah Platt [Tina O'Brien'] has been put on a mental health ward, and so she calls poor Bethany a "psycho" in front of all her friends.

Lucy added to the Radio Times: "In the next couple of weeks, Lauren makes Bethany believe that she actually wants to be her friend. In Roy's Rolls, she convinces her that she's going to help get Bethany a summer job. She overhears Alex asking Bethany how her mum's been and then it kind of twigs that Bethany's mum has gone a little bit psychotic. When they go outside, all Lauren's friends are there and they're all chanting "psycho" at Bethany. They get really nasty."

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