Kids In Love was a 'passion project' for Will Poulter and Cara Delevingne

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  • 28 June 2016
Kids In Love's Will, Foggin and Thompson

Will Poulter, Chris Foggin and Preston Thompson

Hollywood actor Will Poulter stars with Cara Delevingne in Kids In Love and put a lot of heart into the title because it was a "passion project"

Will Poulter and Cara Delevingne put "a lot of heart" into their new movie 'Kids In Love'.

The actors, both aged 23, star in the independent movie that tells the story of a group of teenagers living a wild party lifestyle in London.

Speaking from Glastonbury Festival on Sunday (26.06.16), Will insisted it was a "passion project" for all of the cast and said: "'Kids In Love' was a passion project for me personally and I know everyone working on it felt the same way. A lot of heart was put into this movie, and I think that heart definitely translates on screen."

The Chris Foggin directed film revolves around Poulter's character Jack, who drifts through his gap year after graduating from school and undertakes various internships and travel plans, before he meets Evelyn (Alma Jodorowsky) and free spirited Viola (Delevingne).

The new friends embark on a whirlwind summer of all-day parties and wild nights in London's hidden dives, with scenes filmed at Notting Hill Festival and Soho nightclub The Box.

Jack falls for Evelyn and her hedonistic lifestyle, but all things must come to an end and he begins to question whether the group are his real friends.

The movie - which was first shown at Edinburgh International Film Festival - marked Foggin's directorial debut and the filmmaker hailed it as a "touchstone" for modern teenage culture because the young cast were heavily involved with its creation.

He said: "When I first read the script for 'Kids In Love', I was immediately taken with the idea that this could be a touchstone for the modern teenage generation. The ethos of the film has always been 'a film about kids, by kids' and we think the subject matter, together with this vibrant, of-the-moment cast will really strike a chord with today's youth audience."

The film was screened at Glastonbury Festival and Norma Jean performed an acoustic version of 'I Want You to Want Me,' which features on the soundtrack, at the intimate event.

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