Richard Cowdry & Various - The Bedsit Journal No 2 (4 stars)

Bedsit Journal

(Bedsit Journal)


Marshalled together by the artist and writer Richard Cowdry whose previous comic seed bombs include Kartoon Cuts and Knucklehead, this funny, bitter and vulgar collection of new comic book talent proves what can be done when you don’t play with the big boys. Filling in the space between the strips from other contributors – Peter Lally, Bird, Tim Levin, J Edward Scott, and Mardou & Fortenski – Cowdry is undoubtedly the main attraction here (some of the other material is demented and badly drawn; check out ‘I Love You Mr Chu’ and ‘Chery Spap’s Christmas’ if you need reassurance that anyone can be a comic artist).

‘Going Solo’ and ‘How to Succeed at Failure’ showcase Cowdry’s talents sublimely. These are works of disturbingly attractive fatalism and pessimism. Elsewhere, bits of tatty satire ‘Fearless Bob’ and ‘Martin Steals a Motor Car’ let the side down but for a second issue this scattergun selection certainly has legs, or at the very least badly drawn stumps. Order a copy at http://bedsit

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