Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson - The Boys II (4 stars)

Garth Ennis



Some 20 years ago Alan Moore asked the question: ‘Who watches The Watchmen?’ Garth Ennis answers the question with this anarchic superhero satire about a gang of super-powered, CIA-backed thugs who police – with extreme prejudice – carousing spandex-clad vigilantes. Moore aside, Ennis isn’t the first to tackle this fertile subject, but his outrageous use of sex, violence and bad language coupled with a deeply ironic anti-authoritarian attitude puts The Boys in a league of their own.

This second volume collects two stories. In the first, new Scottish recruit Wee Hughie investigates the super-powered murder of a young gay man and the out-of-control libido of a Batman-alike ‘hero’. In the second, the whole gang pay a visit to Russia, where big business and the mob are involved in a super-powered conspiracy. Whether these very naughty tales will make it into The Boys movie currently in development remains to be seen.

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