Matt Healy gets political at Glastonbury

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  • 26 June 2016
Matt Healy

Matt Healy

Rock star Matt Healy blasted Britain's decision to leave the European Union during his Glastonbury set

The 1975's Matt Healy paused his band's Glastonbury set to bemoan Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

The rock star stopped before their performance of 'Loving Someone' to claim the country has expressed a "sentiment of anti-compassion" following the referendum vote on the issue, saying that it stood in direct contrast to their song.

Matt explained: "This song is about compassion, and loving people, and I feel like as a young person I've got a responsibility to say something.

"What do I know, I don't f**king know anything. I'm a popstar in a suit, but what I feel, and I know what a lot of people my age feel is that there's this sentiment of anti-compassion that's spread across an older generation and voted in a future that we don't f**king want."

As he received a positive reaction from the Glastonbury crowd, Matt continued: "Like I said, I know, I'm a popstar, what do I know, but it is appropriate for me to say that because I'm here, because we're at Glastonbury, and Glastonbury stands for f**king everything that our generation f**king wants.

"Compassion, social responsibility, unity, community, everything like that. F**king loving people. And I think that when you stand on a stage like this, in front of so many obviously beautiful, intelligent people, it's difficult to say nothing. I love you, Glastonbury, thank you so much for coming to our set."

Later during their set yesterday (25.06.16), Matt introduced 'If I Believe You' as being "about Jesus Christ. Big Jimmy C", adding: "That's why I'm wearing this [white] suit."

Meanwhile, Adele, who headlined the festival, made reference to the referendum during her 15-song set, while she recognised Gay Pride, too.

After dedicating 'Make You Feel Me Love' to her grandfather, she said: "It's a bit weird the stuff that's going on at the moment for all of us and we need to look after each other. Happy [Gay] Pride everybody, as well."

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