Jessie and Bebe Cave's secret scene in A Tale of Tales

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  • 25 June 2016
Bebe Cave

Bebe Cave

Bebe Cave has revealed she filmed a secret scene with her sister Jessie in 'A Tale of Tales'

Jessie and Bebe Cave filmed a secret scene together in 'A Tale of Tales'.

The younger of the two siblings, Bebe, has revealed that she and her sister worked together in secret when shooting because there was a shortage of English speaking actors.

While heavily pregnant at the time, big sister Jessie paid a visit to the set of the film to show some family support for her younger sibling - who plays Princess Violet of the High-Hills and ended up landing herself a role.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Bebe said: "There was a small role in one of the other tales that I wasn't involved in and because obviously [Matteo] knew about Jessie through me and what not, he gave Jessie the role. She came over for a week and it's a small role in the Salma Hayek tale but it meant that we were in Italy at the same time. She was heavily, heavily pregnant at the time so it was actually really nice that me, my mum and my sister were all there in Italy to be with each other and also she got to see me act. It was such a magical experience.

"This is a total secret but I'm going to tell you. Basically they needed an extra in that scene who could speak English because there were lots of Italian extras. It was very freestyle type of filming; we would change things constantly. Matteo needed somebody to say a few lines in order to introduce my sister's character and so he asked me to do it. And he was like, 'We can't make you look like Violet, you have to look different' so they put me in a big brown wig and I was wearing a big sort of cloth over my head but actually I am in the same scene as my sister! I'm the sort of dirty peasant girl washing the fountain if anyone wants to know."

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