Iron Maiden


1. Over 70 million sales Humungous sales are often wrong - just look at Celine Dion - but not in this case. The legendary heavy metal outfit have shifted gargantuan numbers of albums, and are rightly considered the biggest metal band in the world, so there.

2. Relive those NWOBHM days In the late 70s Iron Maiden were at the forefront of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Heady days, with Judas Priest, Saxon and a million other greasy-haired guys taking themselves too seriously in their spandex trousers.

3. Sharon Osbourne hates them At Ozzfest last year, the X Factor harpy took umbrage against ‘em, arranging for their PA to be cut, having eggs thrown at them, and taking to the stage to call Bruce Dickinson a prick. That’s recommendation enough to us, frankly.

4. They used to be punk Hard to imagine amidst all the grandiose live shows and concept albums, but Maiden’s eponymous debut album in 1980 was a punk classic, all ragged energy and fucked up attitude.

5. Eddie Not enough of today’s bands have mascots. Over the years Eddie has appeared in every guise possible in artwork, on stage and even in video games. He’s also the mascot of a Brazilian football team and is, by far, the coolest thing about Iron Maiden.

SECC, Glasgow, Fri 15 Dec.

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