Marco Pierre White Jr fined £400 for driving while high on cocaine

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  • 22 June 2016
Marco Pierre White Jr.

Marco Pierre White Jr.

Marco Pierre White Jr. has been ordered to pay £400 after he was found guilty of driving while high on cocaine in London in April

Marco Pierre White Jr. has been slapped with a £400 fine after he was caught driving while high on cocaine.

The 'Big Brother' star - the son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White - appeared at Hammersmith Magistrates Court in London on Tuesday (21.06.16) to plead guilty to having more than 200 micrograms of the illegal drug in his blood - four times over the legal limit - while sitting behind the wheel of his ex-fiancée Kim Melville-Smith's lavish BMW in April.

Although he admitted to the crime, the 21-year-old model insists he wasn't actually controlling the vehicle and had merely hopped in the driver's seat to pop the bonnet after there appeared to be something wrong with the engine.

Carl Newman, defending the wannabe star, told the courtroom: "He got into the driver's seat and was trying to find the lever to open the bonnet. The engine was still running and at this point their car was hit by another car."

An unmarked police pulled over to determine the situation when they noticed Marco's eyes looked "like pinpricks."

Carly Loftus, prosecuting, said: "Officers spoke to the driver and Miss Melville-Smith. She confirmed that she was the driver but the other driver of the Volvo believed [Marco] was.

An officer noticed that Mr Pierre White's... pupils looked like pin pricks. He was rather erratic and couldn't keep still."

Marco - who doesn't have a licence - was breathalysed by a traffic unit, who determined the level of cocaine in his blood.

Miss Loftus explained: "When he was interviewed he stated that he was with his girlfriend and they had both been in West Kensington as he had been to the dentist. He stated he had been offered some cocaine four to five days prior to the incident at a party.

"He said he had had four to five lattes that day and that's why his pupils may have looked the way they did. He didn't believe that just being sat in the driver's seat was wrong."

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, District Judge Karim Ezzat fined Marco - who is expected to be paid his 'Big Brother' fee within 28 days - £400 and endorsed his national licence with 10 points. He's also been told to pay a £40 victim surcharge as well as £85 prosecution costs.

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