Marco Pierre White's BB romp made me sick, says Kim

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  • 21 June 2016
Marco Pierre White Jr.

Marco Pierre White Jr.

Fashion designer Kim Melville-Smith has told Heat magazine she felt "sick" when she had to watch her ex-fiancé Marco Pierre White Jr. have sex with model Laura Carter in the 'Big Brother' house

Kim Melville-Smith has admitted she felt physically "sick" when she watched her former fiancé Marco Pierre White Jr. have sex with Laura Carter in the 'Big Brother' house.

The fashion designer had to look on in horror as the tattooed hunk - the son of TV chef Marco Pierre White - enjoyed a series of semi-naked heavy petting sessions, cavort naked with the curvaceous model and eventually have intercourse under the covers with Laura.

Marco, 21, always insisted to Laura, 30, that Kim had had given him a "hall pass" to act as he wanted with other girls whilst on the Channel 5 show, but Kim - who claims she didn't give him the freedom to act as he pleased - couldn't stomach his shocking behaviour.

In an interview with the new issue of Heat magazine, she said: "I watched a tiny bit when they shared a bed, but it made me feel sick so I turned it off."

Kim claims Marco told her he wanted to have a 'showmance' to boost his popularity on the programme, which she agreed to, but she never indicated she'd take him back if he had sex on television, an act that attracted over 630 complaints from viewers to Ofcom.

She explained: "This was his game plan, he told me before he went in the house that he needed to have a relationship. He said, 'Kim, I love you so much, I really want to marry you, please think of this as all acting.'

"But I didn't think it would affect me like it has. I physically threw up when I saw him kissing that girl. I obviously didn't think it through. I wish I hadn't given him permission to have a relationship on the show, that was his plan. Not to have sex. I said, 'If you have sex, that's it, we're through.' "

Kim is furious with Laura - who claims to have had a threesome with Justin Bieber - and has branded her a "disrespectful bitch" for pursuing Marco when she knew he had a fiancée on the outside.

The stylish blonde fumed: "Anyone who has a fiancée, who has made that commitment, to pursue them, I think that's the nastiest thing you can do. How dare she. It's just f***ing rude. She's so disrespectful. I think she's an absolute f***ing bitch ... She's like a piece of meat, slinging herself across him."

Marco and Kim have broken up since he was evicted from the house last week, and the long-haired party boy has suggested it was him who called things off with her following her decision to publicly criticise him.

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