O2 Undiscovered

O2 Undiscovered

Wanna be a rockstar?

Kirstin Innes meets the panel of music industry movers and shakers helping you into the world of showbusiness at the upcoming O2 Undiscovered

Tell ya, kid. These days, everybody wants to get into showbiz. O2 Undiscovered, which lands in Glasgow this fortnight, is the latest in a fast-growing succession of hands-on networking events offering the public a chance to meet and get advice from music industry professionals. It’s open to everyone and features talks and seminars from a distinguished panel, involved in every aspect of music: making it, managing it and promoting it.

Eugene Kelly is a Glasgow singer-songwriter and founder member of The Vaselines
‘I’m just going to tell people to keep doing what they do, and to keep on listening to music. O2 Undiscovered want me to tell My Story; I’m going to have to sit down and think what my story is! When I was starting out in the 1980s, I didn’t have any idea how to get into the music industry. I was lucky, because I knew some people who wanted to put a record out, but maybe it’s good for people to come to events like this if they don’t have that sort of contact.’

Keren McKean manages several Scottish bands, including Toaster, the Reindeer Section and Snow Patrol
‘I’m really looking forward to giving this talk, because it’s come at both an awkward and an exciting time for the music industry. Managers have a lot of opportunities to help bands just now. It’s about educating bands about how to approach record deals. The industry is shifting; the balance of power is coming back to the artist, and it’s about helping artists to understand how to take and use that power.’

Neil Adams has worked for 11 years as a regional radio and television plugger with V2, and now runs Neil Adams PR
‘Everything is changing so fast just now. Even in a year or so the industry will, more than likely, be unrecognisable, with the road littered by casualties along the way. This said there will always be opportunities, always be new bands, always be jobs, always be new people with new ideas and fresh approaches breaking into the industry, and these events are essential for them. The main piece of advice I want to give to people at the event is that if one day you wake up and find you don’t want to listen to new records, don’t want to go see live bands, and only want to spend your time hanging about with your backstage pass drinking the bands’ riders, leave the building now please, and make way for someone else.’

O2 Undiscovered, Carling Academy, Glasgow, Sat 10 May. For more information and to book your free place, visit http://www.o2undiscovered.com

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