Bernie Clifton wants to be a judge on The Voice UK

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 June 2016
Bernie Clifton

Bernie Clifton

Bernie Clifton would "love" to be a judge on 'The Voice UK' after he failed to make it pass the blind auditions in the fifth season of the hit show

Bernie Clifton wants to be a judge on 'The Voice UK'.

The 80-year-old comedian would "love" to join the panel of mentors on the talent competition, especially since the show's move to ITV channel has left the programme with no confirmed judges for the new series.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the Kerrang! Awards on June 9, the entertainer said: "I'm very available. Let's say I've been round the block so many times I've worn a path. But I do know the business and I don't think there's been a mentor yet that's ever been through it, that's ever took that long walk in total silence down to the microphone.

"So, 'Voice' producers if you're listening, I'd love to be considered. I'd love to come and talk about it."

Bernie's wish to perch on the show's signature red rotating chairs comes after he failed to progress to the blind auditions during season five of the hit show.

The funnyman explained: "I always wanted to be a singer when I was a boy, and I took a wrong turn. So about five years ago I started taking some serious classical singing lessons and realised I had nobody to sing to. So I auditioned for 'The Voice', under my own name, didn't tell my friends, didn't tell my family, didn't tell my manager, I just turned up as a retired plumber from St. Allen.

"Sadly no-one turned their chair, but it's made such a difference."

However, the Derbyshire-born star has received more success since his knock back.

He said: "I'm actually getting gigs as a singer after 60 years in the business doing everything, now to be referred to as a singer, I find it quite thrilling and I'm touched."

Meanwhile, Bernie's appearance at the Kerrang! Awards was a result of a comical mix up with his album, when his covers album ended up with the track listing of heavy metal band Abhorrent Decimation printed on the back.

Bernie said: "There was a mistake with my album. The death metal band - Abhorrent Decimation - their track listings were on the back, my photograph was on the front, the rest is history as they say. You could not make it up. And here I am, thrilled and privileged to be presenting an award at the Kerrang! Award, I mean its madness isn't it?"

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