Nadiya Hussain proposed to on Loose Women

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  • 20 June 2016
Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya Hussain

'Great British Bake Off' winner Nadiya Hussain's husband proposed to her live on 'Loose Women' on Monday (20.06.16)

Nadiya Hussain's husband proposed to her live on 'Loose Women' on Monday (20.06.16).

The 'Great British Bake Off' winner recently revealed she and her husband Abdal haven't had a legal British wedding, despite tying the knot 11 years ago in Bangladesh through an arranged marriage, and now her husband has popped the question on national television.

Speaking on the ITV chat show, she said: "I've had my Islamic wedding that was the most important thing. But we've been putting it off for a 11 years getting married and doing it properly."

Asked if she is technically married, she added: "Yeah. But I'd love to do a proper British wedding."

She then did a mock speech before Abdal - who she has three children with - asked for her hand in marriage over the phone.

She said: "You are the man who became so much more than my friend. You are my best friend, my soul mate my confidant. You are so much more than my husband my other half of me. You go beyond being their father, you are their eyes, their voice. May we continue to change, continue to grow and long may our love flourish."

Abdal then asked if she would do him the "honour of being [his] registered wife".

He said: "I thought that was amazing. I mean Nadiya has always been really good with her words. She knows how to express her feelings unlike me."

"You know exactly when to throw in the funny one-liner. I just think you are amazing and honestly, believe it or not you inspire me to be the best version of me I can be.

"We've been married almost 11 years now and to make it as difficult as possible for you to leave me will you give me the honour of being my registered wife?"

The 31-year-old baking enthusiast then quipped that she would "think about it".

She replied: "In answer to your question, maybe I will think about it."

And he said: "That is still enough for me, thank you."

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