Marco Pierre White Jr and Kim Melville-Smith call off engagement

Marco Pierre White Jr has confirmed he has split from his fiancé Kim Melville-Smith after he had sex with housemate Laura Carter during his time in the 'Big Brother' house

Marco Pierre White Jr

Marco Pierre White Jr

Marco Pierre White Jr has confirmed he has split from Kim Melville-Smith.

The 'Big Brother' star - who got intimate with housemate Laura Carter during his time on the show despite being engaged to Kim - says the couple are just planning to be "friends" for the meantime but insists he does feel "guilty" about what happened with Laura.

He said: "The arrangement we had I was given a hall pass for 'Big Brother'. I was given a free pass to do anything I wanted ... Maybe I did push it to far. I'm in contact with her now. We'll see how it goes. Just be friends for the moment.

"I think Kim's a great person. I don't regret what I did. I shouldn't have done what I did. I don't regret anything to do with Laura. I feel guilty. I feel bad. I knew Kim was watching. In the Big Brother house, you do forget sometimes."

And the 21-year-old model admits things "moved so fast" with Kim, who he only dated for a few months before they decided to get married.

He added: "Yes I do [get engaged too fast]. I don't know why I keep doing it. It moved so fast with Kim. She's an amazing person. What I had with her I haven't had with a lot of other people."

Meanwhile, Marco Jr. - who was evicted from the house on Friday evening (17.06.16) - has been in touch with his father, celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, since exiting the famous abode and revealed he is a "bit upset" about some of the things he's been saying during his time on the show.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, he added: "He was a bit upset about some of things I've mentioned on the show but he is proud of me. [It was talking about] my partying and behaviour on the outside world. He's aware of them, but he choose to ignore it. I let him down a bit. I feel bad for my sister [Mirabelle]."


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