Sara Cox doesn't think her husband is good looking

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  • 19 June 2016
Sara Cox

Sara Cox

Sara Cox has admitted she doesn't find her husband Ben Cyzer that good looking and is more interested in his funny personality

Sara Cox doesn't think her husband is very handsome.

The 41-year-old DJ - who has daughter Lola, 12, with ex-husband Jon Carter and kids Isaac, eight, and Renee, six, with spouse Ben Cyzer - is more interested in guys that are funny than too good looking.

She said: "I don't want to upset my husband but I don 't really like people who are too handsome. They have to be funny too."

Sara had a much raunchier image in the early days of her career and she regrets some of her old photo shoots now as she's worried about her children's friends seeing the pictures.

She said: "[I'd like to delete] pictures of me from the 90s that I did for lads' mags.

"My kids know that it happened and they just roll their eyes but sometimes you think about their schoolmates finding them."

The former 'Girlie Show' host admitted she found it difficult to shed her party girl image, a reputation she insists is very unlike her true self.

She said: "I'm always painted as a party girl, which was true for my 20s. It's taken a long time to shake off that gobby, in-your-face image. I'm actually quite chilled out."

And Sara still regrets her wild partying as she thinks it damaged her career.

Asked her biggest regret, she told Grazia magazine: "Going out partying instead of focusing on my career. I wasn't particularly happy and I think I took my eye off the ball a bit. But it teaches you humility.

"There's always someone waiting to take your job so you've got to crack on and do your best."

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