Ricky Rayment regrets leaving The Only Way is Essex

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  • 18 June 2016
Ricky Rayment

Ricky Rayment

Ricky Rayment has admitted he wishes he didn't leave 'The Only Way is Essex' last year for his then-girlfriend Marnie Simpson

Ricky Rayment regrets leaving 'The Only Way is Essex'.

The 25-year-old star quit the reality show last year so he could propose to then-girlfriend Marnie Simpson on her rival programme 'Geordie Shore', but they split before the episode even aired, and he now wishes he'd done things differently.

Asked if he regrets quitting 'TOWIE', he said: "If I hadn't have got with Marnie, I'd never have left. I regret it in that sense."

While Ricky wants to go back to the show, he admits he isn't really friends with many of the cast any more.

He said: "[Would I return]? Definitely. It was a huge part of my life but it depends if they want me back.

"[But] 'TOWIE' is weird. When you're on the show, you're friends. When you're off it, you're not.

"I speak to James Lock, Mario Falcone and Bobby Norris but with the others it's more of a chore."

Ricky - who admitted he doesn't speak to Marnie any more, even if he sees her at an event - wasn't surprised by his former fiancée's recent revelation she is bisexual.

He told Star magazine: "She's a very sexually orientated person. It doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl."

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