Alice Adams – Invincible Summer (2 stars)

Alice Adams – Invincible Summer

Debut novel lacks substance

Invincible Summer brands itself as 'perfect summer reading for fans of One Day' (the critically-acclaimed novel from David Nicholls). It's easy to see where this comparison comes from: both books introduce their protagonists in their final days of university, and subsequently stay with them as they wrestle with the problems life throws at those in their 20s and 30s. Both novels also offer snapshot moments of life throughout the years, while featuring hugely relatable moments (young love, career lows, mature love, career highs).

Alice Adams' novel, however, does not command the reader's attention as well as One Day. It starts off promisingly enough, with four diverse characters, Eva, Benedict, Sylvie and Lucien, graduating from university. But as they mature, their individual storylines follow different paths, and the story becomes increasingly disparate. Perhaps this is perfect summer reading if you want a book that you can take to the beach and leave there (mentally, not physically – don't litter). Though its premise is filled with potential, there's not enough substance in this book for the characters to stay with you once the sun has gone down.

Out Tue 28 Jun.

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