LeAnn Rimes whispers to 'protect' voice

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  • 16 June 2016
LeAnn Rimes, credit: Carsten Windhorst

LeAnn Rimes, credit: Carsten Windhorst

LeAnn Rimes performed tracks from her forthcoming album at an intimate gig in London on Wednesday (15.06.16) and revealed she usually speaks with a whisper to protect her incredible vocals

LeAnn Rimes always speaks quietly to "protect" her voice.

The 33-year-old singer - who has just signed a new record deal with Sony's RCA UK label - revealed she talks just a few decimals above a whisper because she's constantly afraid of damaging her precious vocal chords.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at her Intimate Gig on Wednesday (15.06.16) in London, where she sang new tracks from her forthcoming album, LeAnn said: "I feel drained! I don't usually talk this loud; I have to really like, protect my voice.

Commenting on her performance, she added: "It's draining because there's so much energy leading up to it because I haven't done this yet, so after a while I get it in my body and I don't think about it but today was amazing."

The 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' hitmaker is married to Eddie Cibrian and despite launching her career in the UK, she has no plans to make the move from America because of their family commitments.

She said: "No, I won't be living here but I'll definitely be back and forth. I have two steps sons and a husband so that's not really going to work (to move here) anytime soon."

The blonde beauty dedicated her new catchy pop hit 'Outrageous Love' to Eddie, who was in the crowd and turns 43 on June 16, and took the opportunity to wish the hunk a "Happy Birthday".

She confessed she was inspired to write the track by her co-writer's experience at a funeral, and said: "It's a song I wrote about my love life actually and my husband... and Toby had just been to a funeral and when the man gave his eulogy, he said 'I was so lucky to have an outrageous love', so that became the title of the song and it really is quite an outrageous song... My husband's birthday is tomorrow, I love you babe, Happy Birthday!"

Meanwhile, LeAnn admitted she almost quit music due to her battles with anxiety and depression.

And she insisted her first single titled 'The Story' from her new record is about accepting yourself and facing your past.

She said: "I just celebrated my twentieth year of releasing my first single. So it's kind of crazy to be 33 and having 20 years behind me, but I'm so excited about my future... I think we live in such a world now where we are all so divided but we're all longing for such connection, and that's how I sort of look at this song.

"I think it's a song of acceptance and accepting every part of yourself and every part of your story and not running away from it but turning around and facing it, and so if I don't cry in this song it'll be a miracle."

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