Michael Le Vell makes regular pub trips

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  • 13 June 2016
Michael Le Vell

Michael Le Vell

Michael Le Vell reportedly drinks "most weekdays", despite previously being treated for alcoholism, a regular at his local pub has claimed

Michael Le Vell reportedly drinks "most weekdays", despite previously being treated for alcoholism.

The 'Coronation Street' actor - who previously took a break from his role as Kevin Webster - to undergo a stint in rehab for his drinking - has been pictured drinking pints of lager at The Brook pub in Sale, Greater Manchester, and another regular at the bar claims the 51-year-old star is a frequent visitor to the establishment.

A source told The Sun online: "Michael's been drinking at the pub for about a year now.

"It's not uncommon to see him between 4:30pm and 8:30pm on most weekdays.

"I guess he comes straight to the pub once he's done filming 'Corrie'.

"Sale is a nice area, lots of footballers live around there, it's not uncommon to see a celebrity or famous face.

"There's a lot of commuters too, but when it gets to about 5-ish, the time that people coming home from work are getting off the tram, Michael will go and sit inside in the corner.

"He always seems a bit on edge."

Michael is never seen drinking "heavy stuff", but the onlooker claimed he does have a "constant stream" of alcohol on the go during his visits to the pub with girlfriend Louise Gibbons.

The source said: "I've never seen him drinking heavy stuff, like shots or shorts, it's always pints - and a constant stream of them.

"He must drink about ten pints a session, and he chain smokes, too.

"Michael always comes to the pub with his girlfriend, they always walk up together, I think they live nearby.

"But I remember one time I saw him come to the pub from the newsagents and he already seemed a bit drunk.

"He's one of three or four regulars that virtually live in that pub.

"I'm not sure if they are alcoholics too but they are always there and they all socialise together."

Michael confessed in 2013 he was an alcoholic after he was on trial for child sex abuse offenses. He was later found not guilty, and in 2014 announced he had stopped drinking and sought treatment for his addiction.

And after signing a new 'Coronation Street' contract earlier this year, he vowed not to go back to his old ways.

A source said at the time: "He really does now feel that the worst of his problems are behind him. Sure, he had a drink to toast New Year but there is no way he will return to the bad old days. He knows he has too much to lose."

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