Stefan Dennis to move to UK?

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  • 13 June 2016
Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson

Stefan Dennis

Stefan Dennis has admitted he wouldn't mind moving to the UK permanently if his Scottish wife Gail Easdale wanted to return to her home country

Stefan Dennis wouldn't mind moving to the UK.

The 'Neighbours' star - who is known for playing bad boy Paul Robinson in the Australian soap - has admitted he would be open to the idea of relocating to Scotland permanently if his wife Gail Easdale, who was born in Glasgow, wanted to return to her home country.

Asked if he'd move back to the UK permanently in the future, Stefan exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "If my wife wanted to yes I would. She's just been in the UK so she got a very strong pang of coming back when she was here. And when she was here I just said, 'All you've got to say darling is that you have to come back and I'll follow you back, you followed me to Australia so I would follow you back here.' "

However, the happy couple - who got married in 2000 - are both wrapped up filming their roles in 'Neighbours'.

He added: "We've got the dilemma of a really nice job ..."

But the 57-year-old actor - who already has a catalogue of West End shows under his belt, which he starred in during his 11-year hiatus from the soap - is open to the idea of getting stuck into theatre again if he did relocate.

He said: "Yes, I'd love to do theatre again ... It might be a bit of a way yet but we're just chipping away, it's one of those things. I take my hat off to all the producers ... trying to produce, my God, it's a tough gig - it really is.

"Acting is so easy, once you've got the job, acting is so easy, that's the easy part. It's the producer that I bow down to."

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