Niall Horan misses One Direction

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  • 12 June 2016
Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Niall Horan misses One Direction "sometimes" but has enjoyed living life on his own schedule

Niall Horan misses One Direction "a little bit".

The 'History' group went on hiatus over six months ago and though the 22-year-old singer sometimes pines for the routine of life in a band, he's having a nice time being able to relax and do what he wants.

He said: "Sometimes you kind of miss it - having a bit of a regime. For the last six months, I've been my own boss and rolling out of bed whenever I want... and not having to think too much.

"I do miss it a little bit but it's been nice to be able to sit around."

Though he hasn't got a definite plan for a solo album, Niall has been enjoying working on new material in the recording studio, though he insists he hasn't "done much" as he's happy just "chilling out" right now.

He said: "I've been in the studio writing bits and pieces.

"Nothing is really in the pipeline in particular, just keeping the mind ticking over and doing what I like. I've always been into the writing and trying out different things musically.

"I've made relationships with a few writers over the years so its been good calling them up saying, 'Do you want to write?' then popping into the studio.

"I haven't done much, about five sessions maybe. I've just been chilling out."

And Niall's pop career may have to take a back seat anyway as he's got his hands full with his new golf talent agency.

He told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "I've really been working on the golf management company, trying to get that off the ground. We're making some big announcements in the summer."


1. sophie hatcher13 Jun 2016, 6:13pm Report

i agree with what it says about niall its good that he is taking sometime from one direction at the moment and who knows maybe one direction might get back together

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