Beyonce's calorific rider

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 June 2016


Beyonce had the "most calorific" tour rider the Rose Bowl had ever seen, with chicken and Twinkies among her requests

Beyonce had the "most calorific" tour rider the Rose Bowl had ever seen.

The 'Formation' singer - who has four-year-old daughter Blue Ivy with husband Jay Z - performed at the Californian venue last month and her backstage demands included Twinkies, platters of "heavily seasoned" roast chicken, hot wings, sliced cheese and cans of Pepsi, as well as oatcakes, hot sauces, white wine, D'Usse cognac, and her husband's own Ace of Spades champagne.

And insiders claim the backstage buffet has caused the singer to pile on the pounds.

A source said: "Bey's diet is definitely not great at the moment.

"I think she's been comfort eating because she's stressed over her tour and trying to save her marriage.

"Plus she's picked up a few naughty habits from her daughter - they both love Twinkies.

"Beyonce looks to be at her heaviest right now and I'm sure she'd like to trim down. She likes to be around 9.5 to 10st, but I think she's about 7lbs heavier than usual."

And Jay is said to be concerned about the health implications of his wife's diet.

A source told Now magazine: "Jay is always on at Beyonce to watch her diet, out of fears she could end up with cholesterol problems or diabetes.

"If she keeps up this sugar addiction thing, it could cost her in the end."

As well as her food and drink requests, the 'Crazy in Love' hitmaker insists everyone on the crew wears 100 per cent cotton clothes in order to avoid allergy problems.

She also requests organic whole milk for Blue Ivy and needs all her backstage areas to be childproofed and pthlates-free.

And Jay's needs don't go unattended as she has cigars and liquor on her rider that is just for him.

Beyonce also demands 25 international phone lines and candles scented with either rose or tuberose."

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