Big Brother's Hughie Maughan's distraught father

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  • 10 June 2016
Hughie Maughan

Hughie Maughan

'Big Brother's Hughie Maughan's father is devastated by the news his son his bisexual and has admitted he wishes he could "turn him back to the way he was."

'Big Brother's Hughie Maughan's father would rather die than have his son be bisexual.

The Irish star revealed his big secret to his family just before he flew to the UK to compete in this year's reality TV show but his dad Hughie Maughan Snr, 44, is devastated by the news and wishes he could "turn him back to the way he was."

Speaking to the Irish Sun newspaper, the traveller said: "I'm very proud of Hughie but hurt about what I am after finding out. If God came to me and said, 'I can change Hughie back to the way he was but you must lose your life', I would do it right away. I would walk into my grave right now. I wouldn't think twice about it. The reason is I'm afraid for Hughie and what sort of life he has ahead of him now. I hope I can reconcile with him because I can't sleep at night."

The former boxing coach found out about his son's sexuality when the 21-year-old hunk rung up his sister after they'd already waved him off at Dublin airport last week and asked her to pass on the bombshell to his mother and father.

Hughie Snr explained: "Hughie was crying when he rang up and told his sister and then asked her to tell me. My son is a very private person who wouldn't tell you anything. His mother is upset and taking it very hard.

"I hope God can help us through this but the most important thing is that Hughie can get through this."

Hughie Snr believes his son's news has hit him harder than the physical strain he felt cycling for 16 hours non-stop.

He added: "I've done races for 16 hours without stopping and I thought that was the hardest thing in my life but it wouldn't come near dealing with this. No one knows what we are going through. I'm a very hurt man at the moment."

However, he's warned Hughie's fellow housemates that his son is no "pushover" and will stand his ground.

He said: "If the other fellas in Big Brother think my son is a pushover, they're wrong. He looks like a teddy bear but he can also turn into a roaring lion if he feels he's in the right."

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