Jennifer Lawrence to portray Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 June 2016
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is to portray Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes in a new movie about the Silicon Valley start-up medical company

Jennifer Lawrence is set to play Elizabeth Holmes in a movie about the Theranos scandal.

The 25-year-old actress has been announced to play the real life founder of the Silicon Valley health and medical company.

Holmes was a Stanford drop-out who styled herself on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Theranos claimed to have revolutionised blood testing when it was founded in 2003, by being able to use just a pinprick of blood instead of the usual way of drawing blood via injection and only two years ago was valued at $9 million.

The company is now under investigation for providing inaccurate test results, and exaggerating about the reliability of its' technology. As a result, Holmes' personal net worth - once around $4.5 billion - has plummeted.

In April this year, it was reported that federal regulators had threatened to impose sanctions on the company, including a two-year ban preventing 32-year-old Holmes from operating in the Theranos laboratories.

The film will be directed by Adam McKay, who helmed the Oscar-winning financial drama 'The Big Short'.

'The Hunger Games' actress' involvement with the film comes after she starred in 'Joy' last year, a film based on the life of self-made millionaire Joy Mangano, who invented the Miracle Mop.

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