Ron Howard set to direct Seveneves

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  • 9 June 2016
Ron Howard

Ron Howard

Ron Howard is reportedly set to direct new sci-fi film 'Seveneves', which is based on Neal Stephenson novel of the same name

Ron Howard is set to direct sci-fi movie' 'Seveneves'.

According to Deadline, the 62-year-old filmmaker is wanted to helm the project which would see him reunite with screenwriter Bill Broyles, who he previously worked with on 'Apollo 13'.

If Howard signs on the dotted line he will also produce the project with his Imagine Entertainment partner Brian Grazer, who also co-produced 'Apollo 13'.

The movie is based on Neal Stephenson novel of the same name which follows a catastrophic event that is believed will destroy the Earth and forces the various nations in the world to join together to find a way to save humanity in outer space.

After the plan is successful, 5,000 years later the seven races who travelled into the stars - comprised of 3 billion people - go on a mission to an alien world, which is in fact the Earth that they ancestors escaped from.

Skydance is responsible for bringing the project to the big screen.

Howard is currently working on his new thriller film 'Inferno', the sequel to 'Angels & Demons'.

Tom Hanks returns as Professor Robert Langdon for a third outing following the previous movie and his performance in 'The Da Vinci Code', with all three films based on Dan Brown's novels.

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