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  • 6 December 2006

Comic cuts

This year’s Christmas lists will be groaning with live stand-up and sketch show DVD requests. Brian Donaldson assesses the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

DVD Jimmy Carr Live Collection
The show A double-whammy DVD set with an absolute avalanche of top-notch one and two-liners on topics including overweight and pregnant women, Geordies and gypsies, freak accidents and fuck buddies. 4 stars
The extras Pre-show footage including the by-now de rigueur chat with the make-up lady, a series of small ads planted by Carr in the press and performances at the Royal Variety Performance and on Comedy Central. 4 stars
Best bit An epic attack on Trudi Styler.

DVD Dylan Moran: Like, Totally
The show Meandering on topics which in lesser hands would be lame (kids, OAPs, America) but are handled with surrealistic precision and effortless wit. 3 stars
The extras Playing up to his ‘can’t be arsed’ persona, all we get is a short film of his alternative fitness programme and a couple of daft drawings. 2 stars
Best bit The sound he hears in his head when a German speaks.

DVD Dara O’Briain Live at the Theatre Royal
The show Making the art of stand-up look far easier than it must be, the mercurial Irishman discusses Gillian McKeith, laws against hand-held microphone use and upsetting the social order in elevators. 4 stars
The extras A chat with one of the Milky Bar Kids and a semi-drunken debate about the show with Ed Byrne. 3 stars
Best bitA flawless ability to breathe invigorating life into the mordant practice of ‘audience banter’.

DVDThe League of Gentlemen Are Behind You!
The show Their warped panto from 2005 in which the classic motifs of the form are given a boot up the furry backside by the darkly malevolent types of Royston Vasey. 3 stars
The extras The show as seen from backstage including the naked truth chez Denton. 3 stars
Best bit Tubbs’ version of the ‘Fast Food Song’.

DVD Paddy McGuinness Live!
The show The worst end-of-the-pier hack nonsense you could possibly imagine in front of an adoring Blackpool crowd who won’t bother going to another ‘comedy gig’ until the next Peter Kay tour. 1 star
The extras A dire sketch filmed for Soccer AM, followed by a small documentary which shows us how they went about making that dire sketch for Soccer AM. 1 star
Best bit The knowledge that it will all, eventually, come to an end.

DVD Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Lenny Bruce
The show His penultimate show on this earth which, perhaps understandably, focuses rather too much on the complex legal battles which left him bankrupt. 2 stars
The extras A moving documentary which tracks his rise and fall, a radio documentary which tracks his rise and fall and Mask Man, a silly little cartoon he wrote and voiced which should make you smirk with glee. 4 stars
Best bit His last interview which depressingly, graphically shows how the cops and the courts broke him down.

DVD The Mighty Boosh Live
The show Howard Moon and Vince Noir go on a journey for the notorious Ruby of Kukundu, dragging along the likes of Bollo, Bob Fossil and a big-toothed sage who ‘goes by many names’. 3 stars
The extras The entire show viewed from backstage plus a tune by their London support act, the folk-waltz Ralfe Band. 3 stars
Best bit Old Gregg. He drinks Baileys from a shoe.

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