TITP 2016 Guide: Laurie Vincent from Slaves Q&A

TITP 2016 Guide: Laurie Vincent from Slaves Q&A

L-r: Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent

Punk duo Slaves grace the main stage on Sunday

If you could mash up one David Bowie song with one Prince song, which would you choose? (one each)
Prince ‘Kiss’ and David Bowie ‘Let’s Dance’

Worst thing you’ve done at a festival?
Wet the bed in a drunken state whilst sleeping next to my girlfriend.

One festival essential?

Do you have lucky pants?
I like my David Beckham H&M y-fronts. They’re my favourites.

Weirdest thing that’s ever happened at one of your gigs?
Just last week in Derby a young man took off his shoes followed by his trousers. Then crowd surfed in his pants. That was pretty weird (but great).

Bravest / most heroic performance you’ve ever seen at a festival?
Got to give props to [Catfish and the Bottlemen’s] Van McCann for doing Glasto last year. I’ve cancelled gigs for having tonsillitis / food poisoning in the past. Playing a gig when you are that ill seems near impossible to me. Fair play.

Favourite thing to eat before or after a gig?
I love spicy fried Thai rice and vegetable dumplings (vegan)

Current artist crush?
I crush on Spring King [recently added to the bill].

If you were to headline TITP, what song would you close with?
Probably ‘The Hunter’.

Any hidden (non-musical) talents?
I can make a mean dinner, I also partake in a fair bit of painting. I recently held a solo exhibition which was great!

Describe yourself using a song title
Go straight to hell boy - the clash

Who do you hope you bump into backstage?
Flea from RHCP.

What’s your festival recovery cure?
Get a banana down you. Just eat. Then drink some more.

How do you take your tea?
Green, leave the bag in. Massive mug.

Weirdest thing anyone’s ever thrown on stage at one of your gigs?
An inflatable Finding Nemo with ‘Gerald’ penned in sharpie across its body. In honour of my deceased gold fish. Haha.

Best festival freebie?
I got some audio technica headphones at Summer Sonic in Japan last year. I use them all the time, they’re the best headphones I’ve had. That was a brilliant freebie.

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