Madonna's Justin party

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  • 2 May 2008

Madonna's Justin party

Madonna has revealed she and Justin Timberlake drank tequila and vodka after her New York show.

The '4 Minutes' singer - who stunned crowds at the free Manhattan concert when she welcomed Justin on stage - revealed she was feeling slightly hung-over after partying on Wednesday night (30.04.08).

She said: "We had to celebrate. We decided we both work too hard and have to have fun. I had a shot of tequila. I may have had a lemon drop, too! We 'tied one on', as they say."

The 49-year-old singer and her 27-year-old collaborator went to New York's exclusive nightclub The Box where they danced and drank with friends including Josh Duhamel, fashion designer Alexander McQueen and R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe.

Madonna also revealed she thinks Justin is the perfect pop star, adding to US radio show host Ryan Seacrest: "He's ambitious but not in an offensive way. He's incredibly responsible and he's good at what he does and I think he has a long future in front of him. He understands the insanity of being a pop star."

Meanwhile, mother-of-three Madonna said despite leaving her "brat" side behind her, she still likes displaying her "cheeky side" in her music.

She told US TV show 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think I'm many things. I think I'm a lady, I think I'm a brat, I think I'm a nerd, I think I'm a pimp, I think I'm a mother, I think I'm a kid. I can't be a brat forever! But that was fun, it was fun being a brat. I've still got my cheeky side."

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