TITP 2016 Guide: James Bay Q&A

TITP 2016 Guide: James Bay Q&A

Catch singer-songwriter James Bay on the main stage Sunday

Bravest / most heroic performance you’ve ever seen at a festival?
I don’t think Florence had ever headlined a festival as big as Glastonbury when she was called up last minute in 2015 to headline after Dave Grohl broke his leg just days before. I stood side of stage and watched the whole thing. It was amazing and pretty heroic to say the least.

Best fan story?
I like it in America when in the silent moments between songs the fans like to shout out where they’ve come from and how long it took them to get there. ‘I travelled 8 hours from Seattle!’ was one of my recent favourites. Completely random, but a fun mid-show fact.

Current artist crush?
Always Beyoncé.

Any hidden (non-musical) talents?
Olympic standard ping pong player.

Describe yourself using a song title
‘Polythene Pam’ (The Beatles.)

Who do you hope you bump into backstage?
Last year at T I found a drum kit, some guitars and amps backstage and got busy jamming with Brittany from Alabama Shakes (she’s an awesome drummer, too! Who knew?!) I’m not sure who I’d like to bump into this year but it will take a lot to top last year’s experience.

What’s your festival hangover cure?

Weirdest thing anyone’s ever thrown on stage at one of your gigs?
In Seoul, South Korea when the band came on in the middle of Scars the entire audience threw hundreds of red paper aeroplanes at the stage. It created this incredible effect, this wave of red came floating down as the band came crashing in.

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