TITP Guide 2016: Transport

TITP Guide 2016: Transport

Essential information for getting to the festival and home again, promptly and safely

Bus is best
2016 means less queuing, people. This year, there’ll be separate roads for cars and buses travelling to T in the Park. Plus, if you arrive by bus, you’ll have a much shorter walk to the festival – every minute counts when you’ve got your festival kit with you! Expect plenty of facilities at your disposal at the bus station, including toilets, food and drink, people to help you – and there will be one dedicated pick-up and drop-off point (PUDO) so you’ll always know where your lift home is going to be. This year we’ve really listened to you – we can guarantee that your route in and out of the festival will be as seamless as possible.

Driving to T
We’ve got new car parks for 2016 and dedicated routes for cars only, so you won’t have to share with buses. Follow the road signs to T in the Park for the best directions to the festival, and turn your Sat Nav off. Once parked, we’ll direct you to where the magic happens.

From Monday 4 July, we’ll be updating @TITPINFO on Twitter with everything you need to know, from weather (it’s going to be the hottest weekend of the year, right?) to traffic news. We’ll be on there around the clock so get in touch anytime, from 4 July until the end of the festival. For events information, @TITPINFO will be the dedicated place to find out more.

More detailed information at the T in the Park website.

T in the Park

From relatively humble beginnings, T in the Park has become the acknowledged behemoth of the Scottish festival scene and one of the UK's largest events. In 2015 the festival moved from its longstanding Balado location to the new grounds of Strathallan Castle in Perthshire. Bands appearing in 2016 include The Stone…

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