Rob Kazinsky: I'd have a Christian Bale-like tantrum if someone screwed my take

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  • 8 June 2016
Rob Kazinsky

Rob Kazinsky

Rob Kazinsky stars in 'Warcraft' and during a game of 'Would You Rather', he joked he'd throw a rant like Christian Bale if his take was ruined by someone on set

Rob Kazinsky has warned he'll throw a "Christian Bale" on set if his take was ruined.

The flame-haired actor teased he'd throw a tantrum like the infamous one Bale threw on the set of the 'Terminator Salvation' in 2009, when a member of the crew walked into his eye-line.

The 32-year-old star took part in a game of 'Would You Rather' and when asked if he'd prefer to ruin his own scene or another actor to do it, the hunk quipped: "Have someone screw up my best take or someone else screw it up? Well, there was one scene in this movie that I felt like I was screwing up every single take and I felt so bad about it because I felt like I hadn't really nailed it and I went around saying sorry to everyone.

"I don't ever want to have that feeling again, it was the first time in my career I thought, 'You know what, I didn't bring my A game today.' So I think that I'd rather have someone screw up my best take, because then I can just go all Christian Bale on them! Like (impersonating Bale) 'Do I walk around and mess up your lights! Aww look at me!'"

Meanwhile, the 'Warcraft' actor - who rose to fame on British soap 'EastEnders' - would never work with prosthetics again after an experience on the set of a previous project.

Asked if he'd prefer CGI motion-capture technology or layers of make-up and costume, he told Collider: "God, motion capture! I've done full face prosthetics and eight hour make-up, then a twelve hour shoot day, then a two hour get out and then that's five days a week when you're getting an hour's sleep at best.

"That's brutal, the fact there's nowhere for the sweat to go and then it pulls up behind your eyebrows and them someone comes in with a little brush and lifts up the thing, and there's like sweat drains out of your eyes. No, never ever again!"

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