Prince William stopped Will Mellor's bar brawl

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  • 7 June 2016
Will Mellor

Will Mellor

Will Mellor has revealed Prince William stopped him from getting into a bar brawl a few years ago after a man knocked him off his crutches

Britain's Prince William stopped Will Mellor getting into a bar brawl.

The 'In the Club' actor has revealed the Duke of Cambridge, 33, stepped in and prevented him from getting caught up in a fight a few years ago after he saw red when a heavy-handed club-goer knocked him off his crutches while he was knocking back the booze at a "posh party" in an exclusive bar in west London with the royal hunk.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Tuesday (07.06.16), the 40-year-old star explained: "I was in a club and Prince William was there and he wasn't surrounded by loads of security and we ended up chatting, and I was on crutches because I'd done my knee in from football - it was a few years back - and as the night goes on, I had a few drinks and this idiot just barges me off my crutches and finds it hilarious... and I lost my temper, got into a scuffle with this guy and the next thing I know, someone is pulling me up and saying, 'He's not worth it' - and it was Prince William! I'll never forget the future King of England having his hands on my shoulders saying 'Will, he's not worth it' and I'm going, 'he knocked me off my crutches...' "

But the 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps' star's night was cut short when the prince's security team piled in and slung him out the nightclub for his aggressive outburst.

He added: "Then security come piling in because then it looks like me and him [are fighting] and I get thrown out! And I'm like 'Will, tell 'em!' "

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