Brian Grazer is working on a Splash remake

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  • 7 June 2016
Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah starred in the original movie

Film producer Brian Grazer has revealed he is working on a 'Splash' remake

Brian Grazer has confirmed he's working on a new version of 'Splash'.

The 64-year-old film and television producer was involved in the 1984 fantasy-romance film about a young boy who is saved from drowning by a beautiful mermaid.

The much-loved movie is to be revived with the help of a movie star who is yet to be named, with Grazer revealing he is actually working on a 'Splash' remake after he was asked hypothetically how he would remake some of his best-known films.

He told CNBC: "I am actually going to do 'Splash' today and I can't say ... I'm actually going to do it from the point of view of ... er ... actually I can't say anything about it. There's a movie star involved, or going to be involved and I haven't announced it."

Hesitant to divulge the details, Grazer, who has also produced 'A Beautiful Mind' and 'Apollo 13', confirmed that 'Splash' was originally going to be called 'Wet' and was going to be told from the mermaid's point of view.

He added: "That's what we are going to go, we are going to do a version of that but I can't tell you the twist."

'Splash' follows the romance of a mermaid - played by Daryl Hannah - and an unlucky-in-love New York City resident Allen Bauer, played by Tom Hanks.

The mermaid returns to find Allen 20 years after saving his life, but a scheming scientist is at risk of coming between them.

Ron Howard directed the original film and it went on to make $69.8 million at the box office and scooped an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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