EastEnders' Sonia Fowler to dump Tina Carter

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  • 7 June 2016
Natalie Cassidy as Sonia Fowler

Natalie Cassidy as Sonia Fowler

EastEnders' Sonia Fowler will dump her girlfriend Tina Carter after a series of rows

EastEnders' Natalie Cassidy has hinted her alter-ego Sonia Fowler will dump her girlfriend Tina Carter.

The 33-year-old actress doesn't think it'll be long before her busy-body character will ditch her eccentric lover (Luisa Bradshaw-White) once and for all following a series of rows.

She said: "I actually think Sonia might need some time on her own. I know it sounds boring but it would be nice to see her at home with her daughter and giving herself a break."

Their relationship has been put under even more strain since Sonia's cancer scare but she believes the scary time, despite being given the all-clear, has just halted her plans to end things rather than bring them together.

She explained: "I'm starting to feel like they aren't meant for each other anymore. It's apparent that they're the best of friends - they're so close, but they're very different people. Sonia said at the beginning she needed something more exciting in her life and Tina was that at first.

"Tina's very quirky and I think Sonia wants to be like that, but never will be. It's not in her. So she's got to a point now where Tina's cheated on her, she has a lot on her plate and I think if it wasn't for the cancer scare, she probably would have broken up with Tina. I think it's the same the other way round too - Tina would have left Sonia by now."

But the actress has admitted she'll miss working with Luisa once their relationship does come crashing down.

Speaking of her co-star, Natalie told the RadioTimes.com: "She's lovely! She's brilliant and good fun. At one point I genuinely thought Tina and Sonia would get married."

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