Rylan Clark-Neal teases 'eclectic bunch' on Big Brother

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  • 7 June 2016
Rylan Clark-Neal

Big Brother

Rylan Clark-Neal is looking forward to welcoming an "eclectic bunch" of contestants to 'Big Brother' this year but warned he is "getting evil"

Rylan Clark-Neal says 'Big Brother' is "getting evil" this year.

The 27-year-old television personality - who hosts 'Big Brother's sister show 'Bit on the Side' - has teased an "eclectic bunch" of contestants this time around.

Speaking in a Facebook live video, he said: "Big Brother's getting evil this year, let me tell you that. There will be a lot of tricks up their sleeves. I know I say it every year, and I sound like a broken record and some years we haven't got it right ... this year is completely right.

"It's going to be amazing. We've got a very eclectic bunch, I think it's quite safe to say. This year is probably the most mixed we've had in a long while: different races, genders, sexuality, age, everything."

Meanwhile, Rylan previously revealed the new series of the hit reality show will feature two houses.

He tweeted: "The game is changing... and THE OTHERS are coming. A new set of Housemates will enter a new game. But they won't be alone. For the first time ever, Big Brother has TWO HOUSES @BBUK #BBUK (sic)."

This year's theme is called "Under Attack", with producers recently teasing "an unseen ominous dark force" will be taking its toll on the contestants.

Show bosses said in a statement: "From Day One the Housemates will be under attack from an unseen ominous dark force that will have a dramatic and divisive effect on the House.

"Whilst things may appear to be straight forward Big Brother will ensure that no-one will have the entire picture. There may even be deeper connections at work? The Housemates are not alone and they should be prepared for paranoia and suspicion.

"The 'Big Brother' House has been transformed into a slick, stark monochrome world. Whilst everything may appear to be black and white - that certainly won't be the case. Viewers should prepare for a 'yin and yang' style force to evolve 'Big Brother' for a new generation. This force will affect the Housemates for better or for worse."

'Big Brother' begins on Tuesday evening (07.06.16).

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